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You carry him in your womb for 9 months. Time when you want to make sure he has everything all right: heart, head, phalanges formed, toes. All. Because, with your child, a new world is born. You don't know it either. You put your hands on your belly and wonder what will he look like, what his voice will be like, how will he feel close to your chest. And the entire thrill of the whole world embraces you, a new world, a new life. And you learn these steps: small but safe steps. To be a mother. To hold the human baby in your arms and to embrace with the heart all the unknown. All fears and insecurity. However, your big heart says you know. You know everything. About his world. If you don't know, he will translate it for you: his crying, his smile, his progress, his development, his steps.


We also write a story about his steps. With passion and dedication. Because we imagine that the arms that hold the hands of the new world, that of your child, are full of hope: that you will know how to recognize comfort, that you will place supreme value on the quality of his steps, that you want for him to walk freely and casually in this big world, often similar to a jungle.


DodoShoes is about the first steps as much as it is about all the steps that follow. About freedom, color and giddy spirit. It's about comfort when playfulness and discovery meet on a magic carousel.


Your child's feet are the path to the best option of his road. He jumps, frolics, runs, treads puddles and green grass, feels textures and shapes. Then rests in your arms. We wanted these shoes to align with the concept of freedom to play, climb, a free and natural movement.


It is known that the human foot at birth is not a miniature version of an adult foot. In fact, it contains no bones at all and consists of a mass of cartilage, which, over a period of years, ossifies and transforms into the 28 bones that exist in the adult human foot. This process is not complete until the end of adolescence, so it is essential that the footwear is well chosen, according to the criteria described above.


Walking is the best of all feet development exercises, according to podiatrists. (N.r.: Podiatry is a relatively new specialty in Romania that deals exclusively with the feet. Most people have problems with the feet whether they are old, practice sports, suffer from certain diseases or other causes. The podiatrist responds to this need by effectively treating foot problems). We join these walks with the joy and enthusiasm that we make of the devotion to the area of ​​excellence in the health of the learning feet. Learning about life. To trample it sometimes slowly, sometimes more pressingly, other times stealthily. But isn't that the excellence of walking through life?!? Let's be aware that every step leads us to growth. And we grow as well! At the same time as you.


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