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Dodo Shoes are lovingly created from natural materials, friendly to the skin of the little ones. The leather used is high quality, being imported from Italy, produced according to European Union standards. The number one principle we follow is to ensure healthy footwear for children, which means letting the foot grow beautifully and naturally. Given this aspect, we decided that our shoes should not have lining or reinforcements, which would interfere with the growth of the bone. The sole is made of 3 mm natural rubber, being extremely flexible and non-slip.

We know that all parents, like us, are concerned about making healthy choices for their children. We chose the insoles we use to be made of vegetable tanned leather, so that the shoes can be worn lightly on the bare foot, without the risk of transferring chemicals to the child's skin.

The shape of the shoes is anatomical, leaving enough space for children's little toes. Thus, the skeletal system, ligaments and muscles, which are in full formation in the first years of life, can develop naturally.

Our shoes fall into the category of barefoot footwear, shoes that are becoming more and more popular among parents looking for healthy alternatives for their children.

Dodo Shoes
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