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Flexibility and natural movement of the foot are essential in the stages when the child takes the first step, when he does not have bones developed enough. Our foot develops continuously until the end of adolescence, when it reaches a complex structure of 26 bones, which helps us move on a daily basis. These anatomical aspects must be taken into account when choosing footwear for our children.

Barefoot shoes mainly help to support the natural movement and flexibility of the foot. These aspects are especially important in the first steps when children's feet do not have bones but more cartilage. These, together with the ligaments and tendons, develop contingent upon the shoes and the movements of the foot. Shoes of this type leave enough space for the toes, so that the bones grow in the right direction and the muscles of the foot develop harmoniously, ensuring the correct growth of the foot.

We choose this type of footwear because we want to let the skin breathe, keeping in mind the health of the foot from a mechanical and dermatological point of view. Dodo Shoes are comfortable, light and take into account the anatomical shape, depending on the stage of development of the foot, giving the best start in life to the little ones. What we wanted when we decided to choose this type of shoes is to prepare our children's feet for the first dance, the first run or the first bike ride.

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